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 Better be Safe then Sorry

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Better be Safe then Sorry Empty
PostSubject: Better be Safe then Sorry   Better be Safe then Sorry EmptySun 21 Aug 2011, 8:42 am

Need to know how to keep safe and avoid being scammed from fake hosts? Here's a few tips which will make your dicing experience a lot easier!

Add all hosts to your friends list and put your public chat to friends only

Doing this will make sure that you only see what the legit hosts say and will make it more clear who actually is a host among the mass message spam that happens daily.

Make sure to look at your minimap

After doing the above, you still might trade an imposter thinking they're a real host. Make sure to look at your minimap, the host usually will show up as a green dot, if they don't, most likely they aren't a host. I've noticed that with some hosts they stay purple instead of turning green when I add them, but this occasion is rare.

Turn your trade to friends only

Turning your trade to friends only will assure you that you only see trades from legit hosts, assuming you've added them. A lot of imposters will go around trading random people in hopes that they will trade back thinking they are a host. Most names are obviously fakes when you look at them for a second, but some people put wishes at the end of their name, which when looking at the trade option quickly can make your eyes merge the two wishes and seem like it's the real host. Putting your trade to friends wont allow the fakes trade offers to show up.

When trading a host it is always a good idea to put their name in your chat without pressing enter, that way you can see their name. Once they do trade you, check once on the first screen to make sure it's them, then check again on the second screen to make sure it's them. Afterwards delete what you typed. Another way to do this is to either pm the host or ask if it's them in CC. If the host replies make sure it's the same person you're trading with and they are indeed a host.
Good luck and happy dicing!

We are not responsible if you accidentally traded an impostor.
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Better be Safe then Sorry
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